Second-Hand Boutique & Creative Studio

NEW COLLECTION 2022 LA CARAVANE STUDIO Fab DuBard | Photography GUEST Thursday & Friday 14:00-19:00 | Saturday 10:30-18:00 NEW OPENING HOURS Collector selection LA CARAVANE STUDIO EACH PIECE IS CAREFULLY RESTORED STUDIO RESTORATION Carefully chosen OBJECTS & INSPIRATIONS interior delights LA CARAVANE STUDIO 131, Chaussée d'Alsemberg - Saint-Gilles LA BOUTIQUE Interior Delights E-SHOP By Elodie Mouton FLOWERS Thursday & Friday 14:00-19:00 | Saturday 10.30-18.00 OPENING HOURS Tips about which color ? Services Interior decoration Services DÉNICHE, SÉLECTIONNE, RESTAURE, CONSEILLE, AMÉNAGE & MET EN SCÈNE LA CARAVANE STUDIO Creative Direction & Scenography Services “It’s more about a universe than just an individual object” Claire Silva Moreira

The Selection

All pieces are ready-to-use, having been carefully curated and restored by the creative mind behind it all, Claire Silva Moreira.

The choices are a reflection of her personal style, a surprising, daring mixture of different decades and materials that nonetheless always remain harmonious and homogenous.

Staying true to its name, La Caravane Studio is constantly on the move, creating  a different atmosphere every month in the shop.


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