Second-Hand Boutique & Creative Studio

with drinks | 1st July from 4pm to 9pm SUMMER SALES Guest | Steve Dehoux | PAINTER OPENING 1st JULY 131, Chaussée d'Alsemberg - Saint-Gilles LA BOUTIQUE Interior Delight E-SHOP By Elodie Mouton FLOWERS 131, Chaussée d'Alsemberg - Saint-Gilles La Boutique Tips about which color ? Services Interior decoration Services DÉNICHE, SÉLECTIONNE, RESTAURE, CONSEILLE, AMÉNAGE & MET EN SCÈNE LA CARAVANE STUDIO LA CARAVANE STUDIO LES TAPIS DU CHILI Creative Direction & Scenography Services “It’s more about a universe than just an individual object” Claire Silva Moreira

The Selection

All pieces are ready-to-use, having been carefully selected and restored by the creative mind behind it all, Claire Silva Moreira.

The choices are a reflection of her personal style, a surprising, daring mixture of different decades and materials that nonetheless always remains harmonious and homogenous.

Staying true to its name, La Caravane Studio is constantly on the move, creating every month in her shop a different atmosphere.


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